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Click here to download this article in its complete printable .PDF format Creative Science - Once upon a time, middleware meant the laborious process of building customized interfaces between applications. Message hubs that sat at the center of the infrastructure replaced these "spaghetti networks" of point-to-point connections. Messages would be routed to the hub from various systems, their format and structure transformed and relayed to the receiving applications or networks. In the early days of such products, extensive programming was required. However, as technology has matured Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) suites have eliminated much of the middleware tedium. Problem solved? Not quite. While such EAI solutions allowed enterprises to upgrade their existing infrastructure while retaining legacy systems, they had several ... (more)

FusionWare: Reducing Complexity Through FusionWare Integration Server

Click here for more information on FusionWare There must be 50 ways to Web services-enable a legacy system, and at least 500 ways for consultants to make money off companies attempting to do so. While I don't mean to knock the consulting profession (I am one myself, after all), there are some things companies should be able to do on their own. That includes extending new data sources to applications, or bringing on new electronic trading partners. I've heard accounts of companies taking up to six months trying to agree on formats and protocols before exchanging purchase orders a... (more)

IntelliVIEW: Reporting Made Easy!

For more information, visit Have you faced a situation where your reports pose more questions than answers? How can I reduce the reporting workload of my IT staff Could I painlessly integrate a reporting solution into my application Can my static reports be made interactive for richer analysis Can my reporting solution be customized for my organizational needs A World of Possibilities in Reporting: With IntelliVIEW the answer to all these questions is YES. IntelliVIEW is a simple easy to use reporting tool that can be used by IT Managers to integrate inter... (more)

Xenos: B2B Over IP – Fulfilling the Promise of EDI

To learn more about Xenos, go to: Agility, flexibility, and integrity are attributes which underscore any successful business. Typically, this success is based on the way businesses process information. From design and production, through order entry and shipping, information is the critical commodity, so much so that over the years, businesses have gone to great expense to optimize information flow within their supply chain. The reliance on EDI and x400 networks has been one such investment. Designed within a business network paradigm which existed in the 19... (more)

Parasoft: Ensuring Security and Reliability in Web Services Deployments

To learn more about Parasoft Web services solutions, go to: As enterprises today increasingly depend on IT to help drive business innovation and provide competitive differentiation many are turning to web services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) to create the flexible and agile IT infrastructure necessary to be able to be responsive to changing business demands. The potential for Web services to deliver considerable business benefits by connecting organizations to partners and customers cannot be overlooked in today's intensely comp... (more)