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Click here for more information on Enerjy Software   Click here to watch Nigel Cheshire, Enerjy Software on SYS-CON.TV It's a fact of life: different developers like to write code in different styles. Show me code written by 10 different developers, and I will show you 10 different coding styles. So why try to develop and enforce coding standards? There are two core reasons: Comprehension of Other's Code. Adopting a set of coding standards makes it easier for developers to read and understand each other's code. Although peer review is not the norm in every development shop, almost everyone has to maintain - or, at least, step through - code written by someone else. Pre-empt bugs. Adopting coding standards also serves to pre-empt bugs. Everyone knows that the cost of fixing a bug rises exponentially over time. Finding and fixing bugs in the development phase - and pref... (more)

GraphOn Corporation: Application Publishing Made Easy and Affordable

For more information, visit For the enterprise or department looking for an easy, plug-and-play solution to publish or Web-enable existing applications, an excellent alternative is GO-Global from GraphOn. Without touching a single line of code, GO-Global provides instant access to Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications from anywhere. By eliminating the complexities and heavy licensing requirements of Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Windows Terminal Services (WTS), GO-Global provides a fast, simple, and affordable thin-client solution. "Enterprises and ISVs hav... (more)

Parasoft: Automatically Improve Java Reliability, Functionality, Security, and Performance

To learn more, go to: Parasoft Jtest is an automated Java unit testing and coding standard analysis product that improves Java code reliability, functionality, security, performance, and maintainability. To prevent common Java errors and security vulnerabilities, Jtest checks whether code complies with 500+ Java development rules and automatically corrects many reported violations. Rules can be customized without coding, and user-defined rules can be created graphically or automatically. To expose reliability and security problems within each unit, Jtest examine... (more)

Extentech Inc: It's 1 a.m. - Do You Know Where Your Business Logic Is?

To download your free evaluation of ExtenXLS, please visit: You don't need a whitepaper to tell you that whenever numbers and calculations are involved, the spreadsheet is the de facto standard for business applications. Ever since the invention of the graphical user interface, businesses have relied heavily on the spreadsheet as an invaluable analysis tool. Perhaps not as obvious is the black hole that exists when it comes to the reuse, versioning, and access control of spreadsheet documents. Every single day, important work is misplaced on network dri... (more)

Elastic Path Software: How To - Building Enterprise Apps with Open Source Frameworks

To learn more about ElasticPath, go to: Software Re-use in the Real World Any software developer worth the price of their iPod will tell you that "reusability" is one of the Holy Grails of software development: it is incredibly valuable, but equally as elusive. How many developers working on insane deadlines have time to sit back and think about all the wonderful ways that their business components "might" be used in the future? Even standards committees led by industry experts have trouble with this. So where is this reusability that we've been promised? Enter ... (more)